Ads getting through on video


First time posting to a community thread, so please try not to judge too harshly.

In the last week or so, I’ve started seeing long (“Skip in 27 seconds”) ads on Dailymotion videos. Plus, they’re super weird. Brave isn’t blocking them. However, my Vivaldi browser does.

Wondering if this is something wrong on my end, or happening elsewhere.


Brave 0.22.810


Hi @lioneyes

Good first post :slight_smile: It’s also helpful to include your OS in posts as well.

In our next release (0.23.x) we’re making an update to adblocking and I’m not able to reproduce your issue on the current test build for 0.23.x. So, my advice is to sit tight and check this out in the next version. I’ll leave this thread open so that you can report back once 0.23.x is released :slight_smile:



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