ADS from brave (recommended partnership) BlockFi

(BlockFi) I am been wondering if I am gonna invest here or what I have only one ID for now as UMID CARD ID I have no any ID Goverment beside on my expired driver license… I really hate it because my or our UMID is a forever identification number of ours so selling our identity (into 3rd parties) would be so easy things to do and huge risk for mine

Can anyone help me because this site as named as (BlockFi) is I got from brave browser recommended anyone same as if we deposited 275$ in just almost 3 months you will surely get 10,000$ does anyone ever did the same too? I mean like other site exchange cryptocurrencies

I have also found their telegram seems they are out of staff because only (Admin can write there)

I cannot even see the offer coins token because I am force to have submit KYC…