Ads for high population locations like Nigeria

Lack of any advertisements sent to my brave browser for view and earning of rewards. Is it due to my region (Nigeria) or is it a settings thing or error? If it’s because my location is not ads approved “yet”, when are we in Nigeria likely to begin enjoying the full ads + rewards services? An approximate period will be appreciated. Such highly populated countries should be considered as priority as well.

Thank you for reaching out. We cannot confirm dates for any specific regions. The best thing for you to do would be to check our running list of available regions for updates.
A list of available ads regions can be found on our Help Center:

Thank you so much for your swift response. This project is quite visionary (love it!) and I will definitely do all I can to share that vision with all my contacts. However, pending updates and confirmation of regions like mine (i.e. Nigeria), can you please suggest alternative ways I can still earn BATs or rather under the circumstance, grow my funds so I can earn and convert my earnings into valuable internet money in my uphold wallet? Being able to compensate as we await ads inclusion will greatly be encouraging even though I know this sounds quite ambitious. Hoping you can help in this. Thanks.