Ads earning with Android Brave Browser

Hi everyone !
Hi have a little problem :
I earned a bunch of BATs via Android Brave Browser. Just to gather 'em all to my Uphold account, I tipped myself the BATs I earned without looking at if it was allowed. While checking on my publisher account, I saw that a big portion of those BATs weren’t in this account. So now, I wonder, these are BATs I earned from ads : Is it forbidden to tip them to myself ? Are they gonna come but with a delay ? Did I just lost them all ?


Hello @Alestrio. I’m afraid that is not allowed to tip yourself. I’m afraid too that your BAT are gone forever. The BAT at smartphones are given for tipping (but not to your account) and not for the owner of the smartphone.

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I see. Thanks for the infos ! And obviously, I won’t do it again lmao


Hi !
I wonder if a verified developper can help me recover those (or some of those) BATs, because now, I have nothing anymore. I saw it was possible on this forum.

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Here they are, thanks everyone !