Ads earning payout -- April

I did not receive any payment in March, but I ignored it and figured I’d wait til April since the Pending rewards were still there. Now it’s April 5th and I still have not received my Pending rewards.

Please pay me what I’ve earned!

EDIT: I notice the payment date says May 5th, but previously it said some date in early April. It never happened! These rewards are mostly from FEBRUARY!!

** SECOND EDIT** I edited the screenshot so that the amount in question was circled, since I was asked about my current balance I already received, which is not the issue at all.

5th there are no claim rewards.
not on schedule

Please see my edit… I never received any of my rewards in March from February… now I didn’t get the April rewards because the pay date per my screenshot is already May. What is going on with this?

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@CryptoDave I merged and redirect similar reports to this thread. So it’s easier to track the issue.


Great, so instead of seeing replies with help or support, I get bombarded with emails with replies from other users! How annoying! I think I’ll uninstall Brave, you guys can keep your precious BAT!

Are you replying to me? Many others in this thread. If you see my screenshot, 1.2 is my current balance (debunking your statement because I received 1.2 back from January) that I’ve already been paid. On the left is my pending rewards (29 BAT)

Okay. My apologies @CryptoDave. Not my intention to “spam” your email.

Did you still not received your payment?

Can someone explain the process here. You generate BAT from viewing Ads for the month and then with in the first week of the new month…what should happen from there.
Does Brave sync the rewards across to your verified wallet for your use… this alone does not seems to be happening.

Hi check your uphold account, i got my payment, few Hours ago.

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@CGNV It reset now. you should restart your PC. :slight_smile:

Hi @CryptoDave - thanks for writing in and reporting your issue! There is a 5 BAT minimum for payments to process. It looks like your current Ads BAT balance is 1.2 BAT, is that correct? Thanks in advance!

Great to hear @CGNV!

No, I still have not… Do you guys know my account info to resolve this? No payment since Feb.

On one of the computers I use Brave on, I was not paid for the past 2 months of browser usage. The first month, I even emailed, however I received no response at all. This is getting a bit out of hand if I use the proper channels for communication and am essentially ghosted by the support team for over an entire month.

That is what I explained to him but he insulted me. I think he will understand your answer.

My pending rewards are higher than 5 BAT. Also, when did that change, because I received 1.2BAT in February… less than 5. But that’s besides the point because I am waiting for 29 BAT. I have now cropped the screenshot to show only the pending rewards that I have been waiting 2 months for to avoid any confusion on my issue. (29.0 BAT)

So is this going to be resolved? I don’t know if you have my account information pulled up, or if you are handling this without physically resolving it in the payment system. What’s the next step? Thank you.

Thanks for the reply. I have not received my payment yet, but I am glad to hear that you have received your BAT. :smile:

Take care :slight_smile:

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Hi @CryptoDave - thanks for the additional info. If you could DM me your Rewards Internal info that would be super helpful! You can find the info here - brave://rewards-internals/