Ads don't work [Argentina]

In English:
Since I changed the operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 10, at first the ads came out normally but now I see a sign warning that it is not available in my country, is there somewhere where I can see if it is indeed so? If it turns out to be a bug, how can I check and fix this?

I don’t use vpn or anything weird, I’m from Argentina, I have a verified uphold wallet and it works fine.

En español:
Desde que cambie el sistema operativo de Windows 7 a Windows 10, al comienzo si me salian los anuncios con normalidad pero ahora me figura un cartel advertiendo que no esta disponible en mi pais, ¿existe algun lugar donde pueda ver si es asi efectivamente? si llega a ser bug ¿como podria chequear y arreglar esto?

no utilizo vpn ni cosa rara, soy de Argentina, tengo billetera uphold verificada y funcionando bien.

Here is an attached photo of the notice.

The answer above should help in this.

gracias colega, por eso es que puse el post, porque me revise varias respuestas pues fui a todos los link recomendados y no sale “Argentina” como prohibidos, y al comienzo apenas instale Brave y eso funciono, puse mi cartera y anduvo casi por 2 semanas bn y luego ni un solo anuncio. me sorprendió y fui a ver que pasaba y me encuentro con ese cartel que puse en la foto.


What is your declared region set to in brave://rewards-internals/?

Do you see the regional ad relevance option when in the Brave Private Ad settings here? brave://rewards/


This is what it says “Country of Bounties: AR”.

No, I don’t see that option, when I change from windows to 10 and install Brave if I imagine and put Argentina.

thanks for answering me!

That is because something in your system says that your region is not Argentina.
Like for example you might have your country, region, regional format, or something of the sort set to a country that is on the list. Until that is changed, you’ll not be able to access Rewards.

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