Ads don't show as much as they used to

Hey, I recently noticed that I stopped receiving as many as Ads I used to get, even though my configuration for showing Ads is at its max.

My OS is Windows 11 and my Brave Version is 1.41.96

My wallet isn’t verified, I link my wallet once a while and then un-link it after I get my payments.

And I don’t use any VPN, but if it matters, I shifted to another country, and this problem started after I shifted to another country. I’m currently residing in India.


I’m not sure I comprehend this, as there’s no benefit to unlinking and relinking. But it’s whatever.

That’s just the maximum. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll see the maximum setting. It all depends how many ads are in your region that are targeting your type of device. You can kind of understand that better if you check out Understanding Brave Ads Catalog Viewer

Yes, that matters greatly. Brave Ads are determined by both your IP address and your device Locale. Let’s just pretend you had been living in London, England and your device is set up for that. You would have been seeing ads from that area until now and been fine. Then you moved to Surat, India. You have two things to worry about now.

  1. Brave Ads will look at your device Locale to serve ads typically. However, if your Locale doesn’t match your IP address, you won’t earn BAT and your account can be flagged. SO if your device still is saying you’re in England but your IP saying you’re in India, you’re going to have issues. Definitely have to make sure that you make those changes to match where you’re at.

  2. Some countries have more ads than others. If you went from a place that had lots of ad campaigns to one that doesn’t have as many, then you’ll obviously see much fewer ads and earn less BAT than you used to in the past.

Not sure which country you were in before or anything, but I want to point this out just in case it ends up applying to you. (such as if you end up with passport and all, switch your Uphold/Gemini account to reflect your new residence in India). Currently India is not a supported region, meaning you won’t be able to link Brave to Gemini or Uphold if you try to link it for payments.

I believe as long as you’ve verified your Uphold or Gemini account with a country that is still supported, you may be able to receive your payments there. But wanted to say something so you’re not “caught by surprise” or something.

NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini

NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold


Hey Saoiray,

Appreciate your reply, it cleared a lot of my doubts,

Firstly, is there a way that I can stop my account from getting flagged, as you have mentioned here

Secondly, I used to live in Qatar, so judging by relevance I’m pretty sure India would get more Ad campaigns compared to Qatar, this is also backed up by a little test I did on my friend’s PC as he uses Brave too and he seems to get more advertisements than I do.

I’m seeing some device issues probably, as I’ve also stopped receiving those notification Advertisements which show once in a while on the downright side of the screen, talking about those windows notifications like these:


BTW, I’m using Windows 11

Also regarding the verification of Gemini accounts, is it weird that I can still link my Gemini account even though it’s not supported?

Just to follow what I was saying. Let’s say your device is still configured that you’re in Qatar but you’re now in India. The only way you’ll prevent issues with Rewards is to make sure your device matches your IP address in India. You would do that by changing the Locale. You could do the other way around too, where you’re spoofing your IP address and change your Locale to match with it, but there are other ways that your location can be tracked. So even if it works temporarily, there’s always the risk.

Guess short answer = Don’t try to trick Brave to steal money. Just watch ads in your area, even if it’s not as much money as you’d like to be making. And if you move, make sure you update things as best you can .

That might be so. I mean, shows how many campaigns are in each area. Right now Qatar has 7 campaigns and India has 16.

Well, all depends. Keep in mind that when there are not many campaigns in your area, it can be very easy to see the maximum allowable ads. The things to check in regards to your device is that you don’t have things like Focus Assist turned on and that Automatic Rules on Focus Assist are turned off as well. Also make sure you go to Notification settings and make sure Notifications are turned on for Brave.

Are you saying you just recently connected or are you saying it’s still connected from prior? If you mean you just connected, it would be weird, yes. If you’re saying it’s connected from before, then no it’s not weird and it’s working as intended.

Hey Saoiray,

Thanks for the reply, it cleared all my doubts.


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