Ads count won't receive (less) even through getting ads notification


My last thread was mark closed even without letting me know. Even I’ve followed the community guidelines there’s nothing I’ve break. Maybe I’ve show the reality of the ads/payout in the screenshot that’s why someone (admin) closed my thread. Admins(moderator) of brave community are not helpful in any way. Seriously, from the day of joining brave browse i noticed that (a regular user of community) moderator are not even replying to the thread of users. And when someone like me post something important just close the thread without resolution of the same. Atlest someone can send me the resolution as private message.

I’m Receiving ads moti daily (more ads in morning when i open the browser, then after midnight there’s no ad) but even after receiving ads notification and ad count my ad balance wad sometime not Increase (even decrease in many cases) I’ve screenshot too. How the BAT is automatically deducted.

If someone here really want to help me, i appreciate. Because this issue is really not expected from brave.

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@eljuno could you please reply ?

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