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I am using this browser for several hours now because I have a site that I needed to visit regularly. Why am I not seeing any ads other than my first 1 hour using this. I only have 12 ads on the records. I’m from the Philippines. And I wanna know why is it that there’s no more ads showing? Pls answer

Hi @Tinkernelle,

Thanks for writing in. You can follow this link to adjust the amount of ads shown per hour -

How many ads do you currently have it set to show?

It’s already set to 5 ads per hour. And I have been using this browser for more than 5hours. Yet I only had 12ads on the record.

I believe you have a (common) misunderstanding of the setting in which you’re referring to. As stated in ourAds FAQ/troubleshooting guide:

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Oh I see now. Thank you. And one more thing… I wanna know if we can earn rewards too from constantly using the browser? Say you use it for 5 hours or more. Will we get rewarded by that too?

I also like to compliment this browser. :blush:
I prefer using this browser because it loads fast and it doesn’t crash even if I have been using it for hours aside from it actually pays you from the ads you click on. Keep on improving it. And I’m also hoping there could be more ways for earning here aside from referrals and ads. Hoping that at least a portion of BAT could be rewarded for users who constantly uses it.

Thank you!

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