Ads BAT amount not reflecting to main brave wallet

Please help as this is the third time i reinstalled the application and still getting same result on latest version.

I have attached screenshots below for better understanding.

Did you verify the browser with uphold?

Unless you have 25BAT in your mobile browser you can connect it to uphold.

No the ads reward is not reflecting in the main brave account not in uphold account, i will be needing 25BAT for that but it shows zero please go through my screenshot once

unless you get a claim option, you wont get the current estimating bat under Your wallet section.

And how will i get that, i had 8BAT before but because of this issue i uninstalled and reinstalled to see of that will work

hey don’t worry About that :slightly_smiling_face:. You must get your BAT but it’s take time to solve this problem.
please wait for support team. they tell you what happing with you. so be cool and wait

Thanks anik, hope that will happen

when you started using Brave?

Started using brave like 1.5 years ago in my laptop, and also had around 40BATs in my previous phone which got wasted as that time there was no option to transfer it to uphold
Bought new phone just a month back and facing this issue.

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