Ads aren't getting reawared properly

I’ve got around 65 ads this month and the reward given I it is 0.030BAT. I don’t think the ads I’m receiving is being rewarded properly. Is someone can help me with what exactly happening with my account and any one how this brave reward system exactly works and pays the

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Same here. I too paid less.

This is the big bug in reward system of brave i hope @sampson solve this bug soon…

even after so many ads its of no use , just to have one bat it will taking more than a month

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The amount received is determined by the ad itself; some ads are worth more than others. I sat down today and built so that you can see which ads are presently active in your region. I would also be happy to take a closer look at your ad-viewing history if you like, to understand the correlation between ads viewed and rewards earned. To proceed, please send me a direct message at your convenience.


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