Ads are showing up in the new Brave update

So, ever since I got the new Brave update, the browser isn’t blocking ads like usual. If I go to there will be a banner with an ad. Any help as to why this is happening? Never had this problem with the old brave.


What can’t hurt is to install an additional adblocker.
I use uBlock Origin myself and can only recommend it.

@talb1 can I see a screenshot of the ad you’re referring to?


The whole point of Brave (for me at least) is that I didn’t have to install additional ad blockers and slow down the browser.

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That’s not the kind of commercial you’ve seen on TV. It’s all content from Yahoo itself.

In the 2nd screenshot below is Yahoo Lifestyle
In the 1st screenshot a Yahoo Livestream

Firefox with external adblocker (“slower”)
Brave with internal adblocker (not slower?):thinking:

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The first screenshot is an Ad for livestream…

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If you call that an ad… Then what about all the offers on Amazon? That’s advertising for the products…

So much advertising… I need a 3rd Adblocker :roll_eyes:

I still share the view of Talb1. To me using ublock origin is redundant. I always use these add ons with firefox:
ublock origin
HTTPS Everywhere
Privacy Badger
Cookie autodelete

Among these HTTPS Everywhere is dirctly incorporated in Brave. So need to install.
Privacy Badger & cookies autodelete may also not needed to manage cookies.
Decentraleyes can be installed but I couldn’t figure out a way how to modify HTTPS Everywhere to work with it which is necessary for chrome based browsers. I asked about this here. But so far didn’t get an answer.

ublock origin may be redundant. In that case one may not need Brave adblocker. In addition uBO gives the option to edit or to add your personal filters if needed.
I asked all this here.

So, when I pulled the SAME website up using Brave with Chromium I get the “ad”. Yet, if I pull up the website using Brave with Moun I get no “ad”. So, please do explain. Instead of refraining to remarks. Both those screen shots where taken at the same time and date.

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Yes. But what happens when uBO an external adblocker is added to Brave. I checked this. Noticeably no difference in speed. But same time Firefox is also faster with uBO.

I don’t know the source code of Brave Muon compared to Chromium. Muon may not support this kind of livestream. Otherwise Yahoo can only display the livestream for the browsers Firefox and Chrome (the latter based on Chromium), because of what I know.

So Brave is slower than Firefox, then you noticed a speed disadvantage (…) ?

From my experience I find that Brave is much faster than Firefox. I only use the following extensions in Brave myself
Bitdefender Wallet Proxy
uBlock Origin

If there really is a difference, you may have installed too many extensions. :confused:

I was not clear.
Brave with and without uBO has no difference. I do not have add ons. Just to check uBO I installed it and now I removed it.

WRT to firefox with uBO one expect to see speed difference isn’t? For Firefox the scenario is Lot of Adds vs no adds whereas with Brave the scenario would be some adds vs no adds.

But I should agree, the browser starting time is lightning speed with Brave. I’m testing Brave Dev and Brave Beta for a long time now. I could not install the stable release candidate though which I reported here.

Guys, my whole point is that I shouldn’t have to install an extra adblocker when Brave claims they block ads. That’s all.

Hi @talb1,

Likely some of it is 1st party ads. Need to check it first.

But for now, because you said you’re using the new Brave, you can hide those ads using Brave elements blocker.

Hope that help.


Yes. I agree. That is what I’m doing with Brave. No add ons.

But I remember reading in the forum that brave does not block first party advertisements.

Thank you! Even though this is an extra steps, it helps so much!

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