Ads are showing but earnings are not increasing since 7th Feb

My earnings are not increasing. Also there is no payment of February yet.

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OS: Windows 8.1 Pro
Brave Version: 1.36.111
Wallet: Non-verified
past payments: No, i’ve started using this browser on mid February.
Supported Region: Yes
Auto-contribute: turn off since the day i am using it.

Are you sure you’re not just misreading it? I had to look twice here. So what we see if your Estimated Earnings for this month shows you with 0.940. So you’ve earned nearly 1 BAT since March started, which would be the equivalent of around 188 ads. Even if some of that was from the month prior, it’s still showing Estimated Earnings for March, which makes it seem like they’ve increased. Or are you saying it built up to that and then suddenly stopped? The reason I’m asking is I am assuming perhaps you were fixated onthe "Rewards from Ads and other information which shows 0.

Yes, this begins around the 8th of each month, give or take a day. It doesn’t mean BAT is available to us then, it just means that’s when Brave starts sending the payments out. That said, the delays usually are for people with Verified wallets and I see you haven’t verified your Wallet. So if it’s not giving you an option to Claim it yet, you may need to send a message (DM) to @steeven and @mattches with your Wallet Info that you can find at brave://rewards-internals so they can try to investigate and get back to you.

Yes, sir. It suddenly stopped adding earnings.

Please send me your wallet payment ID, found on your brave://rewards-internals page.

Thank you.