Ads are popping out while playing movies from a movie website

I’ve been using brave since 18months. Till now i don’t see popping ads in movieRulz website. But recently I’ve updated browser in my laptop. Since then i observe the ads popping continuously and they are just annoying alot.

Steps to reproduce:
Site: MovieRulz

Click on any movie and scroll down and click on any of the orange coloured links. While playing the movie, ads will pops a lot.

Sharing the recorded video here as well:

Current browser version :arrow_double_down:

@Mattches @steeven can you guys help me on this please?

I’ll take look, will update this thread with a fix

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Thanks for taking this up @fanboynz

FYI, URL of the website might get changes daily. Please search for movieRulz when ever you want to open the site and pick the top item in the search results (in chrome or brave browser)

I don’t know much about the results in other browsers :grin::grin:

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I checked this, no popups with Brave shields enabled. I’d try switching to Aggressive mode. Also try in Brave Beta as a test @Rohit552

@fanboynz most of the time Brave shields will be in enabled mode in my device. While creating this ticket as well (popups were raised raised).

Now i just checked it changing the Brave shields to aggressive mode and standard (no popup is coming).

Thanks for the quick response with simple resolution.

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