Ads are now bypassing adblocker after the update


In pre-update version of Brave there was nice and easy way to configure which databases adblocker uses, this helped a lot, since russian, japanese, etc. websites usually are not filtered by the adblocker. Now, after the updates, a lot of ads are appearing again and I can’t find any way to configure it in the settings. Is there or will there be any way to configure this?


Hi @arciviscuvu,

Can you give example site/s, screenshot of the ads, your OS and Brave version?

Also, there an issue logged for adding the settings here

And IIRC, regional adblock filter can follow the default languange setting. You can check it via brave://adblock

Brave also have cosmetic filter that can be used to block CSS element. Right click the ads > Brave > Block element.



Here ads are showing right in the player, this was not happening in pre-update version


I use latest Brave 0.57.18 on Mac Mojave 10.4.1

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