Ads are not yet available in your region. But my country is supported

Hi. I"m getting this error when I try to enable Brave Rewards.
But I’m in Argentina, which is in the list of supported Regions.
Tried to turn Ads off an on again and nothing.
Also reloading the settings, restarting the browser, restarted windows, and nothing helped.
Any ideas on how to enable it?

I’m not running a VPN.

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What is your Brave version and OS?

Brave version: 1.2.43
OS: Windows 10 Home 1909

Can you try some suggestions here FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads??


Yes I have done those.
All that I can do from my side is ok.
The relevant ones are the first and one before last items:
Ensure both Brave Rewards and Ads are enabled
Both are enabled, but I’m getting this warning:
Anotación 2020-02-09 200438
I’m in a supported region, but Brave says “Ads are not available” in my area.
Cant find anything useful for me in the github thread.


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I’m the same. I work well until I change the PC. 4 days ago

@mfp @scarlet9,
Can you tell me what region you’re currently located in?

You Mean fiscally? Or you are asking for a specific setting in the browser?
I’m in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Also The settings in my pc are In Buenos Aires.

Well. Today suddenly the Ads toggle appear and I could turn it on, set the amount of ads per hour that I want. Just fine.
Now after all day using the browser, I found this article:
In it, says that I need to enable notifications for the brave browser at a OS level. I followed the guide step by step, and found that Brave browser does not appear in the list of possible sender programs.
So, I’m guessing that I don’t see ads because of that reason? Any clues on how to get arround this?
Also Thankyou so much for the answers so far.

Can you check and see if the Get notifications from apps and other senders is toggled off by chance in OS Settings --> Notifications & actions by chance?

Today the notification toggle for brave finally appears in the Windows settings! I didn’t made any changes.
So I think it’s all set now. Just have to wait until the algorithm serve me ads I supose.
Thanks @Mattches
I hope to come back soon with good news on this regard.


Today I started to get notification ads!
The bat count is still in 0.00 , but I guess its matter of time, maybe it updates by day or so.
Tomorrow will check and hopefully will all set and done.

Everything is working well now!
It’s just a matter of a couple of days for the system to get ready and working.
Thanks everyone for the support!

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