Ads are not counted anymore


I’m running Brave on Linux since a week ago. Earlier it was counting the ads I saw. However, now I have seen additional ads, but my “Ads received this month” counter is stuck at 6. Why?

Same issue reported in Ads don't add up in counter, but it never got any answers.

Anybody else who is affected?

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I have the same issue…It is showing me ads but not getting counting …only last two days

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same… it got worse since july 15 … now it doesnt add anything at all

Seems like the ads are only counted sporadically. I think Brave is showing you ads for the wrong region, and then they don’t pay you because the ads that you saw aren’t for your region. It’s a bit of a scammy tactic.

It’s a bug. I don’t get paid for seeing tab images ads but I get paid for notification ads.

Tabs ads are more valuable cause it’s 0.010 and notification is just 0.002-0.005 only

I heard the bug is fixed in the beta version

Where did you hear that?

In people’s posts. When I was just wandering around.
I’m just waiting for the official update.

Maybe people are just making that up.

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