Ads are not blocked anymore


This issue has been posted a few times before, but no solution has been offered yet from what I could see.

Brave used to do a great job blocking ads until it stopped recently. Now ads are not blocked on any website I visit. When opening the menu behind the lion’s head the counter for ads and trackers always shows 0. The default options are enabled, only the saving of passwords has been turned off. I tried to reset Brave by deleting all app data and the cache, but it didn’t help.

I’m on Android 6.0.1 ARM Security Patch Level February 2018. Brave version: 1.0.42

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.



I did in fact, experience some errors in Advertisement blocking mechanism. Recently, not only brave practically blocks third party advertisement, but also crashes the page. Firefox with uBlock origin does a better job tbh.


I use Firefox with uBlock Origin on my desktop PC, and I am very satisfied with its ad blocking performance. However, some time ago I heard that Firefox for Android did not perform very well. Did the situation change in the meantime?

Btw, I could solve the issue with Brave. I forced-closed the app and restarted it. Now it blocks ads again.


Hi @SiberianHusky

We have an issue logged for this, I have added your +1 to it:




I mean, I have a S8+ with 6GB RAM & 64GB ROM. Firefox Quantum with uBlock works like a charm for me. I even use privacy badger without a single issues while browsing :smile:


Adblock can’t work… Ads always appear???


This is a bug mate. This is how you can make sure the adblocking module runs to its best again:

Clear all the inBrowsing data like cookies, cache, browsing history, form fill data & rest from the beginning of time. Force stop the browser & boot it up again. You should be good to go!

Hope this works for you!
Best Regards! :slight_smile:

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