Ads are not being counted after viewing/clicking

Description of the issue:

  • Until recently everything was working fine,but it changed a few days back …everytime i view / click on an ad popup ,they are not counted in the estimated rewards. Neither does does the “Estimated Pending Reward” nor the “Ads received this month” is going up after viewing an ad. This first occured in the normal version of brave browser, so i decided to download Nightly and it was working fine,but that didn’t go well for long either. After a week of using it the same issue occured. I have also installed the beta version and now ,i have all three browsers with the same issue.

  • Sometimes this used to occur when i didn’t update the app,but now everything is updated and yet im facing with the same issue.

How can this issue be reproduced?
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Expected result:
ads should be taken into account after viewing.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details


Brand : vivo
Model : v15
ROM : Funtouch OS_9
Android version : 9
Kernel version : 4.4.146+

Additional Information:

  • I also use vpn since watching porn in india is banned and so are porn sites,i have no other option but to use a vpn for that sake.
  • Auto-contribution is set to off
  • Ads settings is set to a max of 5 per hour

UPDATE : The beta version has suddenly started to work as of 9/22/2020

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