Ads are not being blocked


Hey guys, here is this page,
I’m seeing ads on the left, right, top, middle, at least I’m counting 8 ads, I’m not sure why these are not blocked, so I’m just reporting.
I’m using Win 7 x64.


Thanks for the report!


Here is gmail showing ads, these are blocked with chrome adblocker plus.

There should be a function to manually add an ad (area, type) to the blocking system.


Hey All,

I’ve investigated this, and while the ads are annoying, they are 1st party ads (site/publisher served) from the publisher’s own ad system.

I’ve tracked the ad calls and responses here, and confirmed the lack of tracking, in this github issue for reference:

For the future, we are working on making it possible for users to block these 1p ads when they appear during browsing, which will allow for blocking annoying 1st party ads.

With this investigated, and the feature requests noted, I’m going to close the thread. Feel free to follow up here and we can re-open if necessary.

Thanks for reporting!

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