Ads are not Appearing in windows PC and sponsor images are not paying

Ads are not appearing in Windows PC, Zero ads in this month and sponsor images are not paying.

Check this. Brave Ads Windows 10 Troubleshooting
It could be due to the focus assist or maybe the notifications are turned off for brave on the windows level. There was a time somehow focus assist got turned off somehow for me and I was not seeing ads for a while and then when I fixed it, I started seeing ads again. Not sure about the sponsor images however.


Make sure you are using the latest version of Brave. There was a glitch that caused sponsored-image ads to not be credited, but it was fixed in the latest version.

I am using latest version

Start here:

Notifications are already turned on. I have received ads last month. facing issue this month only

Sometimes notifications get turned off for unknown reasons, so it’s always good to check. That happened to me, too. Check here:

I have the latest version of brave both on mobile/desktop +nightly too.
All are up to date but in all of them tab ads are not being counted.

You’re not getting ANY new-tab ads counted? Is it possible that you are exceeding either the four-per-hour limit or the 20-per-day limit? Have you checked your page at to look for ads with the type “new-tab page”? And you’re not using a VPN?


I’m facing this problem since a week. I do get tab ads but they aren’t counted and also I check my region and yes it have some “new tab page” and the limit thing I don’t think I have exceeded it cause this thing happening from 6-7 days. I haven’t noticed a single time where it counted new tab ads. Only notification ads are working.

I’m not using any vpn.

And you updated to Brave version 1.27.111?

My brave browser desktop one started working. The mobile ones which are updated and nightly ones too still are the same problems persist.

Still ads are not appearing in my pc and sponsor images are not paying.

This basic troubleshooting helped me restore


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