Ads are no longer blocked on YouTube

I too recently started getting YouTube ads before and now during videos. Many of them political ads, no less. :confused: EDIT: I’m on Android.

Yes, for 2 days now, I’m seeing Youtube ads on the desktop Brave version.

Also, I’m seeing people here recommending to add an ad-blocking extension to Brave. But, guys, wasn’t the whole point of using Brave was to have an adblocker built-in while having control to what ads you decide to see and get a cut/share from Brave for looking at those ads? Come on…


that’s the same problem i have facing now with brave brower

I confirm I’m having the same problem.

Please fix this ASAP! Being able to block ads is probably the most important feature a user is looking for into a browser like Brave.


Same problem. June 22, 2020, 20:53 Sydney time.
I switched to Brave because of ads block.
Now what?


To those who are reporting Youtube ads:

Yeah we’re aware of it, and a fix has landed a few days ago, Which should hopefully be out this week in Brave Release/Beta/Nightly.

Should mitigate most of these issues.

As a temp option/solution:

  1. Private Window mode may help.
  2. Include a “.” in the domain so, is reportedly a fix. The browse youtube with that modified domain name.

In my case I added uBlock Origin extension to Brave and boom. All the ads disappeared. However, I am seeing ads on my mobile browser (no extension there) or when I am broadcasting YT (from my Brave) on my TV.

Great work! Thanks for being on top of this!

Addblock Plus works but you get a lot of errors on the video itself, and it is often a black screen for 30 seconds to a minute, as long as the ad lasts. I tried 3 different ones and it seems that only uBlock Origin works properly on desktop.

I always get the pre-roll ads (if that is the name for the ads before the videos start). I do never get any ads interrupting the video.
I typically reload multiple times until the ads go away. That is annoying, of course.

Any who reported ads, can you test in the latest Brave build Version 1.10.97 see if helps?

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Nope, it doen’t work. I received today so many ads.
I installed AdBlock Plus so if Brave Shields miss some ads, them will be blocked by the another ad blocker

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I cannot update my Brave yet. There is not new update available for Android Google Play. I still have the version 1.10.94.
I refresh the market and it does not suggest me the 1.10.97
How can I get this new version? Or should I just wait?
Thank you.

Hey @liriarte the fixes for android are still incoming. no eta just yet, but won’t be far off.

On desktop, the version 1.10.97 seemed to work fine in the past 12h.


It failed. Same effect.

Does it occur in private mode? @iuliandonici

Still getting YouTube ads here.

[Brave v. 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)]


Still getting youtube ads before video stream, 1.10.97 (64-bit) linux

Apparently, either I have both AdBlockers(Brave Shields and AdBlockPlus) activated, I received today an ad…I don’t know what to say…