Ads appear to be Malware ? Its a good offer, you get 0.05 bat per ad and get infected with malware?

Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview
Version 1903
OS Build 18922.1000 (Latest)

Brave Developer Build
Brave is up to date
Version 0.67.87 Chromium: 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

Can upload 7 more proofs of ads appearing as a Malware …

If that’s true and not false positive… I will be really disappointed brave user…

@gsarvadnya please look into this

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@ludo_pate We have been testing Brave Ads since two months. We haven’t received any Ad which is infected by malware. Could you please paste the complete screenshot?


Done. Reattached the pic to a new link. Thank you! @gsarvadnya

@ludo_pate Can you please let us know which country you live in?

cc @jsecretan @luke.mulks


Hi @ludo_pate, I have looked in our ad catalog and I do not see any ads associated with the domain Brave Ads should appear as system notifications like this:


Perhaps this is an ad on a site that is not currently blocked by Brave?

May be, it’s an extension. You can disable all of your extensions and see if the bad ads are displayed.
If a bad ad is not displayed, enable one by one your extensions (refresh ctrl+F5 and check before enable the next extension).

The web dev tools (F12 or right click) is helpful, you can look at the network tab the files loaded.

I’m currently living in UK. Opened the ad from another browser. I ended up in american website for house support items. Offers on sale. Nothing special. Strange thing is my Web Security got it as Malware.

For anyone in this thread,
Brave is (and will) not serving you infected ads. @ludo_pate, can you tell me what AV/web security program or extension you’re using that flagged the ad?


Using it for a few years now, renewing my subscription every year. Very happy with the product, never let me down. That’s why i got curious. Since this 6 or 7 warnings, i didn’t get any more of that malware mambo jambo crap.