Ads and mouse movement

What is the deal with ad notifications not being displayed unless you don’t touch your mouse for 20 seconds or so after the page loads? Is there a way to change this so that ads are displayed as soon as the page loads or at least load independently of mouse movements?

Since most people never sit in one place on the same page without moving the mouse at all for 20 seconds, I feel like the BAT model will never gain widespread use if this is how it’s going to work. Like a lot of people I first thought that ads weren’t working at all.

i want to hear more about this subjects. But if brave only wanna send ads when mouse moves then it’s not right. Brave developer should understand about people needs. I would not touch my mouse often when i read news or post that contain very long text because i have to read it right.
So, i would like to hear about this topic from brave stuff…