Ads and importing info from previous brave browser


I’ve never had any problems with receiving ads on Brave Browser, however today I downloaded the Nightly version to be able to create my Uphold wallet as a browser user, and I haven’t got any ads since then.

Another thing is that the nightly browser gives me the option to import my bookmarks, and passwords, and all, from chrome and internet explorer but NOT from Brave itself. How come???



Thanks for reaching out to us.

Do you mean that you installed Brave Nightly and you are no longer receiving Ads

  • in the Release build that you’ve been using?
  • in/from the newly installed Nightly build only?
  • from either browser after installing nightly?

We’re aware of a lack of this particular feature. For something like this, we expect almost all of our user base to be running (at least) the Release version exclusively, so this feature isn’t exactly high priority. That said, we do have an open issue to add it:

There is a potential workaround but it does carry some associated risk and I believe you would have to migrate entirely to Nightly or at least uninstall Release build. Let me know if you’d like to pursue it and I’d be happy to assist.

I am not receiving ads in the newly installed nightly build only. The older browser s working normal


hi @Mattches i finally starting getting ads on the new browser!! Maybe it was a time matter!


EDIT: I actually only received one ad in the nightly browser so far

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Glad to hear it. You may also want to take a look at our troubleshooting guide(s), even if you aren’t necessarily having trouble. There’s good insight on the platform itself:

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