Adopt new download UI from MS Edge with mini downloads window

I would like to request a modification to the Downloads UI which mimics that which is seen in MS Edge.
When initiating a download, instead of putting the downloads bar at the bottom of the screen they have added a temporary download icon in the top-right corner which allows for a small pop-up UI ot monitor, pause and open downloads as well as clear the download list directly without having to go to the download screen.

This is a much neater UI than the default Chrome experience, faster to interact with and doesn’t necessitate me moving between different tabs repeatedly to manage my download list.

In my mind there is no real difference in usability and functionality. Why is it better to have the UI for monitoring, pausing and opening downloads in a small pop-up rather than a bar at the bottom?

For managing the download list for all tabs you can simply type brave://downloads/ in the address bar.

This type of downloads bar looks and feels really good and takes no space. And is surely better than bottom downloads bar which takes up some of the webpage’s space.

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I have posted this issue on GitHub subscribe there and voice your opinion over there…