Administrative Templates for Group Policy

I was wondering if there is any plan to proved admin templates for group policies for an Active Directory environment. I’ve been testing out Brave for a few weeks now and really like it, but for me to push this corporate-wide I need a way to manage it. Things being able to disable security settings for users, pushing out PAC files for proxy, etc. I saw another simpler post like this from back in January last month but it was closed with no response so thought I’d ask again. If the corporate environment isn’t an area Brave is shooting for that is OK, too, just wondering. Much appreciated and great job on the browser!

Hi @ChileanBeeFarmer - welcome to community and thanks for taking the time to write in. AFAIK this is not something that is currently in the roadmap but I will pass along to the team.

Thanks Steeven,

I’m on a couple of listservs that deal with cybersecurity and there is a lot of chatter going on lately about browsers sucking your information out when used…Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, etc. Brave keeps getting mentioned as it is secure
and Chromium based, but in a corporate/enterprise environment where you have hundreds, if not thousands of users you have to be able to apply policies centrally. I think if Brave devs developed an AD template for the Brave browser, you might see an explosion
of use. Anyway, I’m a fan and will use it myself and I know a lot that are using it. Just can’t roll it out company-wide as-is.

I appreciate it! Keep up the excellent work!