Admin please help me

Dear Sir,
Im getting this two message:

  1. Your scheduled monthly payment for Auto-Contribute and monthly tips could not be completed due to insufficient funds. We’ll try again in 30 days.

  2. You’ve designated 159 BAT for creators who haven’t yet signed up to receive contributions. Your browser will keep trying to contribute until they verify, or until 90 days have passed.

But I signed up already, Im using this browser in my laptop & just now Ive installed in my android phone also, why I am not receiving 159 BAT? I also added my two YouTube channel and one website, what is remaining, how can I verify to receive my 159 BAT?

Please reply me as soon as possible. Thank you

What that message means is that you have elected to donate to some number of sites in your Auto-Contribution table – a total of 159BAT of which you do not have.
Can you tell me what your wallet balance reads at this time?

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