Adjust Fee Mechanism/Calculation

Trying to clean up my earlier post now that I’ve done some additional testing…

There is limited/no ability to edit Avalanche C chain transactions fee limits with Brave Wallet. The mechanism appears to be pulling the “Current Base Fee” from Etherscan and not the Avalanche C-Chain explorer If you try to edit the Per-gas price limit (Gwei) under “Set Custom” you can only move it to values greater than the “Current Base Fee”. You cannot edit or adjust the “current Base Fee” currently

So what happens when you go to execute an AVAX c chain transaction is Brave Wallet displays a projected fee that is very high, because it’s pulling an Ethereum base fee which has been 80+ Gwei recently, and not the Avalanche C chain base current fee of ~25 Gwei. Luckily it appears that despite sending a transaction with a very high max fee limit, the Avalanche network usually defaults the gas limit down to ~25 Gwei.

I guess the request is to look into having that “Current Base Fee” key off the specific network or make it editable or be able to set a “Per-gas price limit” below the “Current Base Fee”.