Adds showing up on Brave mobile for iOS

Add are showing up on mobile Brave Version 1.18.1 (

iOS 13.6
iPhone Xs

Settings checked.
Last working well on Monday.


Same here… using iOS 14 beta. Ads everywhere. I’ve gone back to Safari for now, the adblocker for Safari still works fine. I like Brave… I hate ads.

Edit: I deleted Brave from my iPhone XS Max and then reinstalled it. The ad problem is gone.

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Have the same Problem in ios 13.6.
WIth actuell brave
Since this morning…
i hate ads

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Try deleting brave then reinstall it. It just worked for me. Ads are gone again


Doensnt work for me.
I Couldnt restore my saved passwords and the bookmarks…
DOnt know what happned there

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Hi all,

I’ve tried that delete and reinstall thing and it won’t change anything.

I think the adblocker-database might be the issue.

The Braver‘s have to fix this.


Hello all,
Thanks for reporting. The team is aware of this issue and currently investigating. Thanks for your patience.

Same Problem hier, iOS 13.6, Brave 1.18.1. Brave reinstalled but nothing changed.

Fresh install of 1.18.1 didn’t help with the problem for you?

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Absolutely doesnt changed anything .

Same here. iOS 12.4.7, Brave 1.18.1
Unbelievable. Virtually all the blog sites (pjmedia, hotair, reason, rcp) are now inundated with ads.
Chrome on Windows 10 with AD-BLOCKER blocks them all.
This is hideous.

We fixed it, please remove your app from memory and relaunch, updated lists should download then :slight_smile:

Sorry for todays problems

Nope. Not fixed. Go to and scroll down. Ads galore.

I don’t see any now, did you kill the app before relaunch? Can also try restarting the phone

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I had to delete the app from my iPhone and go to the App Store and re-download it. Now I see no ads. I also don’t see any of my previous bookmarks (aka favorites). Good news - ads gone. Bad news- still have work to do.
Delete and Reinstall from App Store did the trick.

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Hi and thanks for this fix. I’m just wondering if it’s possible to also remove the placeholders for blocked adds.

Maybe I was a little quick with giving the reply the mark as solution. Not all adds on every website are blocked.



Those are all adds that still show up:

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I had to delete the Brave app from my phone and re-download.
works now.

There are still ads showing up: