Adds showing but not receiving BATS for it

Following instructions from another thread, From a couple weeks ago I have been receiving the normal adds from the blank page (at this moments I have seen two adds from TSLA DEFI), there was even a little window saying that I was about to receive rewards for look at it but there’s nothing

The last add mark on my historial is from Dec 15 and there’s no more although the page keeps showing adds, they are not being registered for some reason.

Any help, please? =( Thanks

OS Windows 11, no VPN, no Ad-block

Hello @cyntella

here some notice about the ads from the new tab page

  1. it only count 4 per hour
  2. it count only 20 per 24 hours
  3. but most of the time the issue will be related to this point that this ads should be from your catalog check this one to know your region catalog
    the type will be new tab page and also
    if you hover your mouse over the ads in the new tab page you will notice an (link/url) this link should match the same link from your catalog
    so for today in my catalog i have this

and from my new tab page i have this

notice the link in the lower side of the screen it’s same as the one from my catalog

by the way they said in future they would change that so only the one that from your catalog would be displayed

for this point it happen when you just enabled the reward system or when you turn it off then turn it on again it will show that for the first image despite f it will be counted or not

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Ehm… sorry, this is not the help I needed but thanks anyway

I know my region and I know how targets work. The Defi one was just an example, I have been receiving other adds before the 15 that already counted but now, they don’t add anything.

And anyway, even with your numbers there would be at least, a little reward but there’s none since the 15. I even know how the reward system works, I did the turn off-on since many days ago and there’s no fix with it.

I hope that this problem can be fixed soon, I guess a moderator or somebody from systems gonna check this issue (as I’m not the only one)

it’s ok do not be sorry and you welcome :slight_smile:

The same for me. I guess this happened after the Brave update.

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