Adds not increasing rewards value 1.10.99

My rewards are no longer increasing in value. They were for a few days, but now I am stuck at 18.5 and no matter how many additional adds I view I’m stuck at 18.5. This appears to only affect my mobile account.


You are looking at the wrong place for Estimated pending rewards.
Tap on SETTINGS then View Details. You should see your Estimated pending rewards. here, The BAT amount you were looking at is the BAT in your wallet and it only should change once a month or after you tipped someone.


This same thing happiness with me again and again even i looked at estimated earning but there also ands and value of Bat token increase but after few minutes it reduces to as previous value this is a big issue i am facing it from last 15 day

This issue i got on my pc too there is nothing happens reward stick to one earning of bat no increase even if increase suddenly it reduces and happen the same as ago

Ahhhh… okay gotcha. I could swear that the value used to update there before, or did so in my PC based Brave. I will verify this shortly. Than you.

Yep, i see the increase under “View Details”.

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