Adds are coming since 20 days

I am using Brave Browser since 3 .Months. First 2 months I have collected 24 bats . But from 15 th of August adds are not coming at all . 0 adds since 15 days or more . Please fix the issue , i am using brave as my default browser . And I do browse a lot .
I am and Android user .
Model : Lg V30 plus .
Android verson : 9.0
For more info , kindly check attachments .

Try this few tips

If those doesn’t work then use VPN

Connect to United States - New York in VPN and browser for few minutes, you’ll start seeing ads.

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Basically, Brave can detect VPN easily and some time even you get ads you may not get the payment for them during payout.

Brave moderators used to ask users not to use any VPN extension for web browser or VPN app for mobile browser.

Its totally our risk using VPN, BTW.

Thanks for your Kind reply. But I have done everything what you said. But the result remains zero.
I can see there are 13 Add campaigns are currently running in India. They why m not getting any ?

Then what’s your opinion?
How will I get adds again ?

I was quite worrying about the same since 3 weeks.

Things you can try:

  • Restart the device
  • Keep the app running background
  • Just open some tabs and leave it for 1 to 2 min. You might can find getting ads
  • Update to the recent version of the browser that you can see in playstore.

Hope soon ads starts raining in your device :wink:

I’m from india and currently receiving ads

I use VPN too and have been paid 114 bats out last month even after using VPN

Note - “I use premium Nord VPN”

@Aa-ron is it illigal to use VPN? If so then I’ll blacklist brave browser!

Wow, that’s pretty cool pay man.

Nord Vpn is official ad campaigner in brave as well ri8?

Yeah lol thus it’s legal to use XD

Hey there !
I have tried all possible solutions as you guided earlier . But still no adds . :persevere:
Should I reinstall the app ?
If yes then I have 24 bats now on the browser what’s gonna happen with those ?

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