Address doesn't look correct -sending MATIC


I’m trying to send MATIC from Brave Wallet to my Kraken account. I keep getting a “Address Doesn’t Look Correct” warning when I try to send it. I generated a new address on Kraken, it’s on the MATIC network but I keep getting the warning. I finally tried sending a small amount to see if it went through but I got an error and the withdrawal was returned as not completed.

Any ideas? Thanks guys

@Phillyman just a quick assumption, but might you be doing similar issue as I speak about at Valid "Address doesn’t look correct", and invalid one does ? Which is you’re putting all lowercase for address or something?

Thanks for the quick reply, it seems like my issue is similar. I actually went to Uniswap and connected my wallet and sent the tokens through their platform and it worked fine. I asked Kraken support and they said that MATIC addresses are not case sensitive so I’m not sure why I wasn’t able to send through Brave.

Like I said on the other, Ethereum shouldn’t be case sensitive either. But it seems like Brave Wallet is currently set up to be case sensitive with addresses. So I’m guessing that’s the disconnect. I’m still waiting to hear back from the devs on why they have things set up like that and if they are going to have any plans to change it.

In any case, glad to hear you got yours resolved for now. I’m going to mark your last reply as a solution. If you have any other issues, feel free to respond here or to create a new topic if it’s an unrelated issue.

Appreciate the help. I did notice when I connected my Brave wallet to Uniswap, it automatically capitalized some of the letters. Not sure why it would do that if, as Kraken support said, MATIC addresses are not case sensitive. In any case, the Uniswap seems to be a decent workaround until Brave devs fix the issue. Thanks

Here is an article that explains why case-sensitive addresses are preferred:

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