Address bar suggestions missing a huge chunk of the history?

Autocomplete from history is supposed to be straightforward, right? You type some stuff into the address bar and there will be suggestions for pages you’ve visited that match that string in either the page title or url.

But that seems totally broken for me.

I mean, that works really fine for 100% of the pages I’ve visited today.

That also works for some pages visited weeks, months, maybe years ago, but only a very few, seemingly random pages, less than 1% of my history.

None of the thousands of pages I’ve visited last week show up as suggestions. Not when I type their exact page title, neither with url.

I’ve just gone through my browser history testing this. Only very very few random pages show up.

Why is this?

I have nothing ticked to “clear on exit”. My history is all there. Why is it not being used?

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