Address Bar search will ONLY Bing, not Google (Address bar settings say "Google") v 1.34.81

MY settings say that the address bar search is Google, but when I use it, as I do several times a day, it only returns Bing results.

Also, in settings, it won’t let me select anything other than “Google”, which is ironic. THANK YOU!

It may help if you provide some extra information.
Are you on Windows 11?
Microsoft made some changes in Windows 11 to make it more difficult to change from Edge and Bing. Other browser makers are having to make changes to their browsers to work around the Microsoft changes.

Thank you. I am using Mac OS 12.2. What else would be helpful to know?

Not a Microsoft initiated flaw then.

@erikqjames Well, let’s start with an official Apple answer from a couple years back:

" You have adware/malware installed. Use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac. It may be necessary to run more than one scan. After scanning a couple of times, restart the computer and test. If necessary, follow the manual instructions. Do not download any other programs that are listed in the articles. Malwarebytes uninstall

How to get rid of Redirect - Virus removal guide

Then of course on other places, such as Google’s customer support, they said the same:

its pretty simple fix. Its probably due to a piece of malware called a Geineo which basically forces your computer to use Bing. Obviously having malaware on your computer isn’t ideal however, I’ve come to find out that Bing has much less search results and is just slower than google in general. The only way I found to get rid of it was with this link If you install it onto your computer you can then scan for it and the it will delete the malware when you restart it.

I’m not sure what you would have installed or even if you’ve recently added any extensions to your computer. But I’d say that I’d start off with those assumptions and see if it resolves the issue.

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