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Hi, Would be great to have a similar safari like feature, when you click the address bar it displays dialog box with all your favourites. Makes for very quick and easy favourite selections.


If you have the show bookmark search switch enabled and disable history search then the links get autosuggested from your favourites/bookmarks when you start typing in the URL bar.

If you have this setting in the search tab under preferences then the suggested items come from bookmarks.


I think that what OP is talking about is this handy feature:


So similar to the top tiles option on newtab?

@i90rr Do you have an option to add these sites or does it auto populate based on browsing?


Hi @sriram,

Actually, both: you can bookmark sites as ‘favorites’ so they will be shown by Safari when opening a new tab or when focusing the address bar; also Safari automatically adds those sites you visit more.

I recorded an example so you can check how this works:

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