Address Autofill Settings - Allow toggle for saving new information

Hello! I’ve been using Brave a long time, lurked on these forums for a while too. It is by far my favorite browser!

Usually, I don’t use autofill (I don’t like it from a security perspective). However, recently I’ve started to use it for the convenience for very specific address information. I noticed that it saves a lot of extra information that is transparent to the user and only visible in the Web Data SQL database.

Ultimately, I would really like if the “Addresses and more” autofill settings allowed for me to add addresses manually but without saving additional information automatically. Similar to how the password and payment managers work. Both of those allow the user to toggle saving new information, but allow existing entries to be autofilled.

Currently, my workaround is to add my addresses and set the Web Data file to read only. This works well enough but is not a great solution.

In conclusion, my feedback is that the address autofill manager should be consistent with the password and payment managers. I’m assuming this is a default config from Chromium but still, if this can be changed, I think it would be a nice benefit and it would alleviate some headaches for me.

I hope this is clear and constructive, thank you for your time.