Address and tool bars not auto-hiding on Android

I found out that, if I enable any accessibility service in the phone’s settings (Settings > Accessibility > Installed apps), the auto-hide function of the address and tool bars stops working. Tested it in both mine and a friend’s phone, and the results are the same. Both phones are from Samsung, running Android 12 (One UI 4.1). As soon as the accessibility services are disabled and the app is closed and reopened, the auto-hide function starts working again. I would keep them disabled, but there are two there are essencial to my usage, thus making it a problem without solution. I hope that the Brave team can take a look at this problem and correct this issue.

If any of you guys want to try to replicate this bug, follow these steps:

  1. Go into your phone’s Settings app and find the Accessibility category. Then, go to Installed apps and activate any of the apps.

  2. Make sure to force close Brave, and then reopen it.

  3. Go to any website and start scrolling, you’ll see that the address and tool bars will stay on the screen all the time, when they should retract.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes! I have the exact same issue on my Pixel 7. It’s very frustrating! I really hope they fix it soon. For what it’s worth, the bug also occurs on Google Chrome, so I think it might be a chromium bug.

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