Addons on Android - What's the plan?

I saw posts from about a year ago saying that addons on Android are in work. Is there a more recent update on when this feature is expected to be released ?

thanks !

Not sure where you saw that but from my understanding, it’s not really being worked on. Essentially you’ll have seen things like:

To which they said:

We have no current commitment to ship add-on support but we continue to be interested in it and we’d like to support it.

Much of what they would need is for Chromium or Chrome projects to add it. Instead, we’re looking at seeing the opposite, of them pulling away from extensions/add-ons.

As for Brave, they just are working on adding requested features into the browser so that extensions aren’t needed. We have playlist out for iOS and should be coming to Desktop and Android before long. There’s Shields for adblocking, password manager, sync, news, wallet, etc.

@popo128 Just was able to talk about it in today’s Community Call. We were fortunate enough that Brendan Eich was on and answered about it. The short version is that they are still looking for options but there’s nothing immediate.

To put things in my own words:

Google butchered Chromium to not allow extensions on Mobile. It would be a lot of work to try to create something and add it.

Kiwi browser was able to do it by using older Chromium, but then there’s potential security issues. They are trying to extend life but eventually will hit an end where the security vulnerability is too much of a risk, so Brave doesn’t want to go that route.

He explained much better, but that’s basically how I’m able to phrase it for the time being. When they get the recording from the call up, I may link it here so you can hear the response yourself.

hello @popo128, thank you for bringing it up. We are always working to improve Brave. Unfortunately addons or extensions are not supported yet for mobile devices, you can visit our feature request forum to find more topics about this:


Thank you all.
I added my vote in the feature req page. This is the 2nd highest requested feature. Hope it will be implemented.

@popo128 Btw, I forgot to come back to add the link. You can check it out at I have it set to the time stamp about the time where I asked the question and where Brendan came on to answer.