Addon Brave appearance and feature

Hello devs,

Since Google loves everyone and keep shoving updates we can’t revert down our throat, I suggest Brave’s dev should implement by themselves a feature where you can CHOOSE which download shelf you want. The annoying “new” bubble copied from other bad browsers and almost everyone I know hates or the old bottom screen shelf we could have IF WE WANTED TO.
Now we can’t choose because Google loves us right.

That would be an amazing addon for some users since it’s way more practical when you can click and drag your downloads directly when working.

Second thing that would be great and I know some users asked for it too. The possibility to change private windows colors (I don’t like purple sorry). Would be really nice if we could choose different colors. I’m aware of the argument “purple windows let you know you’re in private browsing or not”… yeah, and if I can choose different color I will know when my windows are, for example, red or yellow or whatever you choose, then I’m in private browsing.