Additional Configurability for browser profiles

There are a bunch of gripes I have with the profile feature of the browser. It’s smart, but there’s stuff that could make it even better.

Can we get the option to have a custom profile picture for our browser profile? Since it’s permanently displayed in the new Chromium design, it would be cool to have that option.

No option for custom pictures

In some of the pictures, the entire profile indicator circle isn’t used. This looks kinda weird and wastes space. Can we get this fixed? Example is below:

Also, can we get the ability to rename our personal profile? We can rename additional profiles, but not the personal one. It’s minor, but it would be nice to have your own name other than “You”.


cc @rebron2000 @rossmoody for this feedback.

Person 1 at avatar selection (1st screenshot). Click on it should let you change the name.


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An alternative could be to have the background be transparent instead of that light gray, as it really stands out in Dark mode.

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This seems to be gone since the latest update (Version 0.65.118)
Is it just me?

Same here. Can’t find a way to rename and/or change avatar for an existing profile.