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Hello Brave

Firstly I’ve been using this internet browser for a week now and i have deleted google chrome!
Great job!!

I only miss something; that if i click on a online PDF file that it can open in a next tab, Microsoft edge, chrome, Firefox, has this feature. this would make things a lot of easier instead i need to download them and open them one by one. Cause i work with a lot of PDF files and downloading them all would be a waste of space and is unnecessary.

Can u feature this in the next update?

Thanks for the good support and keeping us safe from ads!!!



Hi @Kevush,

Can you give example link? I believe Brave can do that because PDF viewer is enabled by default (check Preferences > Extensions).

Or you may face this issue



I have searched for other topics like this and did not found one.
Iam using the latest version of Windows 10.
It works when i open pdf’s from google search but not on this page maybe a bug or something i dont know.
The page itself gives me the option to open it up from the browser but it then wants to automatically save the pdf.


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