Adding favorites could be intuitive

Adding Favorites to the New Tab page is non-obvious. For a new user, the Favorites option for Top Sites operates just like the Frequently Visited option. It is fully populated with recently visited sites. There is no obvious way to add new sites, thus contradicting the claim that “Top sites are curated by you.”

The problem is that access to the Add Favorites window is via the three dots to the right of the Top Sites window. Those three dots are not visible when the Customize Dashboard window is open. They are also invisible when that window is closed, UNLESS one mouses over the location. I suggest two fixes to make the Add Favorites function available to new users:

  1. Make the three dots visible at all times, including when the Customize Dashboard window is open.
  2. Populate only the first six boxes with recently visited sites. Leave the other six blank, with the + sign visible.

Implementing those two minor fixes will intuitively communicate to new users what they need to do to Add Favorites.

Brave Version 1.45.133

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