Adding Android 12 device to existing iOS subscription

Firewall + VPN subscriber on iPhone 13 Pro Max running iOS 15.5

Firewall + VPN now available on Android, but unable to add my Galaxy S22 Ultra (Android 12) to existing subscription.

Hi there @InkedX1072

You can’t currently share the VPN subscription - but this is something we’re actively working on

I’m working on the Desktop implementation now which also includes a way to get the VPN working across platforms. Specifically, you’ll be able to login to (when we launch) and link your purchase. We can then issue credentials for the VPN using our system (in GitHub or other places you may see it called SKU)

The desktop implementation is working great - we’re still working through the cross-platform bits before we release.


Alas, i came to this conclusion already and opted to switch over to Proton Unlimited. It’s just not feasible to maintain multiple subscriptions today regardless how much i like where i see Brave going in the future.

I will be staying informed and hope to see full cross-platform integration soon.