Adding an addon in Brave is far too complicated!

I’m on Windows 7 and can’t even simply install an addon. Either a simple solution is buried deep on Google and Duck Duck Go or else this simple process is altogether FAAAR too complicated. Either way this is a HUGE PROBLEM.

If you honestly hope for the Brave Browser to succeed you’ll need to accommodate for the simpletons or folks who don’t have time to delve into code or complex procedures. It’s already an over simplified GUI. If all it has going for it is “security” then you’ve already failed as GitHub is owned by the corportocracy and all of the coding is infiltrated by agents of the deep state and NSA (who record every phone call and internet action). If Brave moved to GitLab it might make a slight difference.

The closest thing to a solution that I’ve found starts here and is all Greek to me:

Please tell me how I’m wrong.

We’re aware and we’re making a lot of effort to make sure that is addressed. That being said, it’s already is accommodating for you because it comes pre-packaged with everything you need to keep yourself safe from “the bad stuff” on the online. This means that you don’t have to install extensions or jump through hoops in order to browse the internet quickly and safely.


Perhaps this is a typo but isn’t the issue you just raised that it’s too complicated?

Lastly, we’re getting ready to release a different, better version of Brave this year. This version will not require any complicated instructions with respect to installing extensions:

You can get an early release version of the new Brave here.

Thanks for responding. Usually I write on forums and it’s like shouting into a hurricane, just lost in the noise.

I appreciate being safe from “the bad stuff” online - as in malware, corporate and government spying, etc.

However, baby proofing has its downsides too. The internet is going insane with censorship now. Free speech is not tolerated on Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Quora, Reddit, etc. You are “allowed” to be left or right but if you don’t buy into the establishment, or happen to have far-left or far-right views you’ll be cut off. NOW is the time we need to archive everything that is being censored on YouTube, etc. and I can’t even install a decent YouTube downloader, much less click-and-save images on some sites.

To clarify, it might sound like a contradiction but a simple installation is NOT the same thing as a simple GUI. I prefer to spend my brainpower on my work, not on my ability to do my work. More often I only need a simple GUI, however I still frequently need to “go deep” and have functionality with many tabs and windows and would prefer all my options available at a glance rather than the clean GUI. Perhaps a “clean GUI vs display addons and/or options and/or tree tabs GUI” switch/button is in order?

I apologize if I sound as upset as I am. Firefox screwed everything up last year and is acting up yet again. Vivaldi is nice too but has it limits. And I also use Brave for it’s limited clean simplicity for quick check and as a fast default (I hate it when you install a program and it auto-loads its website) but unless Brave gets more capabilities it will just be what it is.

Have you tried the Beta version?

Thanks. Good to know about the Beta version. I suppose there’s always one for everything but I don’t think about it, so thanks for pointing it out. I can’t code but I can complain :slight_smile: and whether you ignore it is another thing.

So I have a question that doesn’t seem to have an immediately apparent answer and might be a good “feature” to be the first with.

I’d like to install and use the Beta, but I don’t want to install over the “stable” version. I’d actually like to have the option of having BOTH as easily installed as anything without indepth geekery and use either at my discretion. Perhaps a different colour scheme would indicate that it’s a Beta (ie. red or purple = caution).

This conservative/progressive thing might also help down the line. I feel like Firefox really screwed everyone over BIG TIME when it went Quantum without enough warning or serious back up and restore measures in place. In 5 or 10 years there will be another major leap and of course people will not be paying attention - but maybe it won’t matter so much - if the alternative option and restore has been long established.

On the upside, I wouldn’t have discovered Brave or Vivaldi if Firefox remained adequate.

Edit Addition: Also, it might be good for the Beta version to not just point to the “Brave Features” but also have a “NEW in the Brave Beta/Version x.x”, even if it’s just revisions, patches, and updates.

This is the way it works now! All Brave builds can be installed and run in parallel. Additionally, you can import your data from the stable release (v0.24.0) into the beta Build.

Every time we update a build, we include release notes along with it, detailing what’s been fixed/added. For the Beta, this information can be seen in the announcement:

You can see our release schedule here:

You can see our project roadmap, showing major features being worked on/implemented here:

Gosh you’re fast.
Thanks for the info.

Is there a trick to having 2(+) Brave installs? ie. Setting up 2 shortcuts?

Colors v2 = dark theme? Edit: Yes.

Also, the Wikipedia article was recently edited down. The verbose features list was not a great loss as most were common, some not, but not impressively phrased. It’s sufficient but not a particularly great Wiki article.

Wikipedia frowns on editing your own page or having friends do it for you. As an associate (friendly but not friends), if you ever want me to add stuff to that article let me know, preferably with corporate media links and citations about what you’re claiming, though I can research it if necessary.

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