Added mobile wallet to Uphold account, cant see balance?

Moving to a new phone caused me to make sure I take my BAT to my new device.
So i pressed verify wallet on the Reward Section on my mobile.
Did all the steps & my mobile was added to Uphold.
However… i do not see my mobile balance added in Uphold account.
But my mobile is saying that its verified to my Uphold account?
I think i saw somewhere online that you can only have 4 slots on uphold?
I had my desktop, YT tips, Twitter tips all turned on, and accidently made a random BAT address on uphold too. Did I waste my 4th slot making this random BAT address?

My mobile now shows the combined balance of my mobile & desktop bat, but my desktop does not… Is this weird?
How can i get these off my mobile? Just tip them to my brothers YT channel via mobile?
Or is there a way Brave or Uphold can fix my balance?
Uphold said to contact brave… but brave doesn’t exactly have a - i tried, auto response saying there is no support & to try the forum.
Any help would be great :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

Mobile is Samsung s9 - using latest Brave Version
Desktop also using latest brave version.

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