Add zoomed text reflow/wrap feature like Opera and Firefox


Opera (based on Chromium) has a core feature called Text Wrap that, after zooming in on a block of text, will automatically reflow the text at that size to fit the viewport. Firefox has an add-on that does something similar (although you have to tap each paragraph to reflow it). You can see it in action here:

It would be great for accessibility if Brave also implemented this feature, as it’s often much easier to read websites at a size larger than the developers determined necessary, and is available everywhere (unlike features like Reader mode).


Hi @stowball

Thanks for jumping over here to put in your request! I’ve logged it in Github for development to review, the link is below if you would like to track it. Additionally, you can add more information there if you wish. I’m going to close this thread, but please feel free to reach out here with additional requests via new threads (or directly on Github if you wish). Thanks for your feedback!


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