Add Windows keyboard shortcuts via Autohotkey


You can add Windows keyboard shortcuts with Autohotkey.

; ----------------------------
; Brave
; ----------------------------
#IfWinActive ahk_exe Brave.exe
; CTRL-, = Settings
; CTRL-[ = Back
; CTRL-] = Forward
F2::Send ^t ; New tab
F3::Send ^+{TAB} ; Previous tab
F4::Send ^{TAB} ; Next tab
F6::Send ^w ; Close tab
F7::Send ^f ; Find
F8::Send ^+o ; Bookmarks
F9::Send ^l ; Focus on address bar
^h::Send ^y ; CTRL-H = History
#IfWinActive ; end Brave block


Is that an extension ? Do you mind providing more info on this?


This is not an extension. Autohotkey is a separate, free program that can activate various macros that you can define. I have shown a script that Autohotkey can run, to enable keyboard shortcuts.


Is this something that can be integrated with Brave? Or is this something you are suggesting other users to use it? Or something that is failing with Brave. Sorry I am unable to understand.


Major Web browsers provide ways for users to assign keyboard shortcuts to browser functions. Since Brave does not provide this-- a significant limitation, I would say-- the Autohotkey script provides a workaround that serves the same purpose. The script can run in addition to Brave and provide the user with keyboard functions that will work in Brave.

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