Add ViolentMonkey to extensions list

I found this very useful article

I replaced Honey with ViolentMonkey and to my surprise most of the basic functionality works. I am able to add userscripts they work for the sites I want. and some other functionality like syncing scripts to cloud services and importing and exporting worked… The only problem I had with it is while clicking on the extension icon near the address bar, I cannot reach the script management dashboard, but I easily worked around that by copying and keeping a bookmark of the dashboard url from chrome with the new honey extension id in the url. Now I have full functionality of the user script manager.

Please really consider adding it since you guys are lacking on available extensions in the first place. Some extensions people have mentioned in this forum have userscript alternatives.

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will ccing @sampson on this. :slight_smile:

+1 from Extension Request: FlashGot

  • Violentmonkey ( - an opensource alternative to Tampermonkey, provides userscript support for browsers, better than Greasemonkey, because it supports both types of userscripts - Greasymonkey and Tampermonkey userscripts and is more actively developed (Greasemonkey supports only GM scripts, Tampermonkey supports both types of userscripts, but is closed source).

Please I Beg for Violentmonkey to be added - With this Extension Brave could be my Default Browser
Yes it would upset MS/Edge, But this is my Computer - Not There’s and I don’t think I bought a Subscription to use Windows 10.

Thank you